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self love oil


self love oil


Self Love is a scented oil that reeks of full divine acceptance of self. let the world know how you feel!

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Self Love by babette is a blend of scents that illicit the ultimate appreciation for all that you are.  Or at least that's how I feel when I wear it. It's a combination of my favourite scents, rose, Egyptian musk, ylang yang and lavender.  The combination inspire a deep appreciation for me and who I am.


Ingredients (all orgainic, excpet egyptian musk fragrance oil):

  •  Jojoba oil

  • rose EO

  • ylang ylang EO

  • egyptian musk fragrance oil

  • in rose quartz infused jojoba +  coconut oil

Perfume oils at are made using a combination of floral essence,

essential oils and premium perfume and carrier oils. The oils are safe for application directly onto your skin and can also be used in diffusers.