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you can book your akashic records or tarot readings here, or be.low


being in communication with source has always been my source of joy. always there, always present, never wavering or succumbing to my fears and insecurities, source, the divine, god, spirit, Allah, Buddha, i’ve prayed to them all, and they are always there when I’m lost and needing to find my way back. we don’t necessarily need tools for these communications, because they are so innate, but we use them as a bridge until we are able to fully conceptualize that we hold everything that is of source within us, cuz we are source. On our path, however, we use tools to as a bridge to the knowledge within us. I Love to work with Tarot, The Akashic Records and Breath as a way to reconnect.

Akashic Records

Readings in the Akashic Records are currently being offered by donation as part of my training with Houiea. I am certified in Akashic Records 101, and currently completing readings for the completion of Akashic Records 201. Readings are done virtually via google hangouts, FaceTime or Skype.

For Akashic records, come prepared to engage in dialogue with parts of yourself that want to reach out to you. Feel free to ask questions that look to seek clarity in the areas of What, Why, How. Avoid, When and Yes/No questions as they do not work well in the records.

My focus has been working through ancestral transition and healing grief.


I have been working intensely with the Tarot for the last 5 years. For me, Tarot is the first step in removing the filter that lies between you and rising to the potential of your higher self, facilitating long-lasting healing conversations

I offer intuitive tarot reading sessions, that are in response to your needs, so no fixed spreads or process, they are different each and every time. I work with many different decks, but tend to use the Golden Thread Tarot when working with community, unless called to use a different deck

Readings are 30 or 60 mins long, and done virtually via Google Hangouts, FaceTime or Skype. Come prepared with an open heart that is ready to do the healing work.