It all started when…

I realized that my only purpose while here on earth, was to be myself. that is all I owe humanity, that is all we owe each other. but most of all, it all we owe ourselves.

it’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.

Lena Horne

2018 taught me that while there are in fact situations that can make you feel broken, there are also many ways to manage.  do whatever makes your heart sing, and look amazing while you do it ;). That’s how I manage at least.

creating and being in communication with the universe have always caused my heart to sing.

most times i’m too afraid to share what I do because I get trapped in my own insecurities that lead me to believe my work is not perfect or good enough. we owe each other the honour of sharing both our beauty and all that we wish to hide.

in this spirit, babette.ca serves as an outlet for the magic I create.  it is a container for my creations and collaborative efforts with other makers/creators/healers + the universe.  

looking forward to creating beauty and community.